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Gift Shop

We are extremely proud to welcome a new gift shop, Bows and Arrows to the falls. A fantastic addition to allow you to browse the wonders of the area and take home a little piece of Yorkshire.

Bows & Arrows showcase a wide variety of incredibly talented designers and makers from within Yorkshire. The items they stock include gifts, souvenirs, produce, clothing, children's toys, books and maps. 

When choosing what to stock and which designers to work with they consider and search out quality, uniqueness and value. They want people who visit the shop to enjoy the experience and get a taste for what the area has to offer without simply repeating what other tourism shops have to offer.

As well as focusing on local products we are particularly impressed by designs and produce that are eco-friendly and socially responsible. For example many of the items have no packaging or are reusable or recyclable. There is vegan and palm oil free soaps, soy candles, handmade shopping bags and blankets made from recycled yarns to name a few.

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